What happens now? 
Ukraine got brutally invaded. Feeling of hopelessness and emptiness making it hard to be creative at all, or to be happy.

Vogue’s first cover after the Second World War, in October 1945, fronted only a picture of a blue sky on the cover. A blue sky without bombers, a blue sky that symbolized peace. With this in mind, we wanted to bring out that feeling everyone has when they are lying on their backs in the grass, looking up at the sky. Tranquility. The SS23 prints symbolizes exactly this, calmness, creativity and joy.

An optimistic and upbeat collection, cute but sassy, ​​airy but practical. The clothes brighten up the everyday life and they make you feel good about yourself. Put on a nice dress, jump on your bike, feel the wind on your face and meet your good friends and family.

VÆRE ILAG (be together)