DESIGN. We design garments for multiple use! Our clothes should be so comfortable that you do not want to take them off.

  2.  DEPOSIT SYSTEM. Vi offer a deposit system where you can return a used ILAG product and receive a discount coupon on a new product here at

  3. CIRCULAR ILAG. We clean, repair and/or redesign and RESELL returned goods. If any of our products has not been sold on our store, our goal is to redesign also these products to make them more attractive to our customer.

  4. MATERIALS. We are conscious of what materials we use. We use stock fabric/stock yarn and left-over fabric/yarn that the factory has stored from other productions. If we do produce new materials it will be made in a responsible way with emphasis on natural materials, including use of recycled fibers and yarn.

  5. SHIPPING FROM PRODUCTION COUNTRY TO OUR STORAGE. Our goods will be sent in the most responsible way, most frequently by cars and boats.

  6. WRAPPING. Our goods will be wrapped in recycled and reused wrappings. We always encourage our customer to reuse their received wrapping.  

  7. FACTORIES. We focus on working with small and innovative factories. All our factories must either have a SMETA audit or BSCI audit, or be serious and credible players that we know have good working conditions and ethical values. We also have our factory portfolio open to the public.

  8. TRANSPARENT. We have nothing to hide. We always inform our customers about where and by whom the garment has been made from.

  9. CHANGING ATTITUTES. ILAG( =together) we can do everything. We encourage our customers to use their garments more often and encourage everyone to think again before we go shopping for new products! Being seen in the same dress many times in different ways is both cool and fun.