About us


ILAG is a Norwegian adverb. The English word for ILAG is togetherness, it’s a positive word for doing something together, for each other and for the community.

ILAG is a Norwegian brand established in 2020 by Renate Nipe. The brand was born out of a desire to offer women a more conscious, relaxed and cool textile alternative. We take pride in bringing you beautiful, comfortable, everyday clothing that has you covered no matter the occasion. 

ILAG’s range is underpinned with a Nordic style, modern cut and an effortless sense of cool. Our pieces have a relaxed fit and a Scandinavian simpleness about them. ILAG is a weekday-brand because its weekdays we have most of. 

Our collection is made from more natural materials, surplus materials and certified recycled materials. We are committed to using long lifecycle materials, as this way our pieces last longer. ILAG curates and designs fashion that you’ll love now and forever, and we want to inspire you to use these clothes more often, and on several occasions.

ILAG is based on a deposit system, where customers receive a discount on a new purchase when they deliver a used ILAG item to ilagilag.com. The returned item will be cleaned, repaired or redesigned, and then resold to a new customer via ilagilag.com. This way ILAG will, together with our customers, extend the lifetime of each and every item we sell and strengthen our vision of being a more conscious brand. Together we’re closing the loop, using our clothes again and again. (This deposit system is valid in Norway only)