ILAG igjen?


ILAG is currently building a deposit system, where customers receive a discount
on a new purchase when they deliver a used ILAG item to
The returned item will be cleaned, repaired or redesigned, and then resold to a new customer via This way ILAG will, together with our customers, extend the lifetime of each and every item we sell and strengthen our vision of being a more conscious brand. Our deposit system will be active during autumn 2021. The deposit system will be available in Norway only.


We want you to use your item as much as possible. We encourage everyone to use their clothing more frequently and at different occasions. The day you no longer want to use your ILAG item anymore you are welcome to return it through our webside The product you return will be appraised, and you will receive a discount code on a new ILAG item at


The item returned to us will be cleaned. It will be repaired and/or redesigned. Some of the items will only be cleaned, while others will be cleaned and repaired, or cleaned and redesigned. This depending on the state of the returned item. Infinite possibilities!


The returned item will then be resold as a second hand item through our channels, and/or our Instagram profile, ilag__