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Fljoto top
Fljoto top
Fljoto top
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Fljoto top
Fljoto top
Fljoto top
Fljoto top

Fljoto top

700,00 kr

Fljoto top is a feminine tank top with turtleneck. Plain knitted with ribbed hem and armopening. The quality is really warm and soft to wear. Slim and fitted body shape. This style is from our SS21 collection - ILAG på sjøen -

  • Super soft

  • Fitted body

  • Plain knitted


Main Material: 33% super kid mohair, 33% wool, 28% nylon, 6% spandex

  • Air it and wash as little as possible. Wool has a natural ability to clean itself. Use a damp cloth to remove spots

  • If you need to wash it, use a wool setting on your washing machine

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Lay flat to dry, or roll it in a dry towel and place it on a warm floor

  • Fold your garment, do not hang it. It will maintain shape this way

  • Kid mohair have fibres that can tangle together. This can happen in the beginning before it eventually stabilizes. If this happens, gently pull them off


  • Fljoto top is made from “stock yarn”, meaning we have not produced any new yarn to make this sweater/dress.


It is important for us to be transparent and tell our customers where our clothing originates from. We cooperate with factories we rely on, who are innovative and that have good ethical values.s.

Produced i Suzhou, China.

  • Factory : Suzhou Megusta Fashion Co., Ltd

  • Amfori, BCSI audit (this is a report with text and images with information that shoes us that the workers have good conditions, their paycheck, lunch breaks, working time and their work environment)

  • Employees: 24 women and 18 men

  • Our persons of contact are Anna and Sisi.