Filene bag
Filene bag
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Filene bag
Filene bag

Filene bag

550,00 kr

Filene bag are the bag you've been waiting for! Finally a bag that has room for your whole life- oversized and comfy! Small pocket inside the bag. Psst: Works well as a seat pad and possibly a pillow?

  • Quilted and quilted

  • Has room for a dog, a cat and a 2 year old inside.


Main Material: 70% cotton, 30% nylon

  • Air it and wash as little as possible. Use a damp cloth to remove spots

  • Wash at 30 degrees if necessary

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Hang to dry


  • Filene bag is made from stock fabric, meaning that the bag is made from fabric that the factory already has produced.


It is important for us to be transparent and tell our customers where our clothing originates from.We will always strive to cooperate with factories we rely on, who are innovative and that have good ethical values. 

Produced i Suzhou, China.

  • Factory : Suzhou Megusta Fashion Co., Ltd

  • Amfori, BCSI audit (this is a report with text and images with information that shoes us that the workers have good conditions, their paycheck, lunch breaks, working time and their work environment)

  • Employees: 24 women and 18 men

  • Our persons of contact are Amanda and Peach